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The world recognises Scotland by its soldiers. Colourful and distinct in appearance, carried across the globe by empire and war, the Scottish soldier is an icon of Scotland, past and present. In the meeting between its warrior heritage and the history and traditions of the British army, much of the story of Scotland can be found.The hard evidence of that story is to be discovered in the military museums of Scotland, an array of extraordinary collections built up over centuries. The museums are guardians to treasures that speak of proud traditions of great and terrible world events and of the everyday experience of countless lives lived in military service.Scattered throughout Scotland, set within the walls of historic houses, ancient castles and imposing fortifications, each museum has its own story to tell – of the famous Scottish regiments and of the men and women of Scotland whose lives were changed by warfare.Together, through collections that are compelling, intriguing, poignant and personal, they offer a rich resource of the real things of military history.